We offer a number of standard and tailored services

Proof of Value Assignment

  • Proof of value assignments rely on the use of ChangeDirector to rapidly capture performance and project data from a range of sources enabling you to produce a set of professional and insightful reports for executive review.
  • Whilst the proof of value assignment is focused on producing useful information to support decision making it is an invaluable way of testing the interest and value of a central repository based approach to strategy, project portfolio and benefits management. The tool simply becomes “a means to an end”.
  • Using the tool also significantly helps to inform your requirements for a solution prior to any financial or resource investment decision.
  • Consultants can also use ChangeDirector to capture and confirm improvement plans with their clients.


  • ChangeDirector is a web application that is easy to install on one of your servers or can accessed from a secure site.
  • Getting the software embedded and rolled-out relies on four software characteristics:
    • Must be easy and intuitive to use
    • Must save people time and make their jobs easier
    • Must be something of value (e.g. useful reports and dashboards)
    • Must be very quick to start using (e.g. 10mins)
  • The software is supplied with a standard set of a templates, views, dashboards and report formats.  You can calibrate the formats to match your practices.  We would normally help you to do this in the first instance.


  • We offer a standard role based training course and materials with the product.
  • We can tailor this to your organisation’s implementation.  This is usually completed for the first implementation and maintained thereafter by you.
  • Longer term most clients adopt a “train the trainer” approach or may elect a third party to undertake training for them from materials provided by us.
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Payback on PPM software implementations – average 7.4 months

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(IDC White Paper Dec 2008)